miércoles, 20 de marzo de 2013

MythBuster Jamie Hyneman started M5 Industries on his own before his career took a left turn at Discovery Channel, and he somehow manages to maintain it despite the breakneck shooting schedule he faces. The shop serves as the build zone and testing ground when the myth can be contained inside the warehouse walls. Many times, the gang has to go off-site in order to blow up or crash something large or dangerous, but the M5 parking lot has also seen its share of pyrotechnics.
At one point there were three buildings -- M5, M6 and M7. After disturbing some quieter neighbors in their industrial park, M6 closed shop, and now the more private M5 and M7 serve as the show's home. M5 is where Adam and Jamie get most of their work done, and it also houses the studio set where they begin and end each show. If some messy testing needs to go down, it happens at M7.

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